Can you transfer Dubai number without me being present?


Yes, we are certified from the RTA to transfer our plates online all we need is: 1. Name 2. Traffic file number.

Where can we do the transfer for Dubai plates?


In any vehicles testing and registration center in Dubai or through online services available to registered traders.

Do I have to pay a periodic fee to keep the number in my file if it is not on car?


Do plates disappear if I do not register them on a car immediately?


No. All our numbers have certificates of ownership.

Can I buy a Dubai number plate without owning a car?



Do the number plates on the website have a certificate of ownership?


Yes, all the plates have a certificate of ownership. That means that the buyer can buy the number without registering it on a car.

What are the required conditions to buy a Dubai number plate?


You must have a traffic file in Dubai with no expired cars.